What is a cross platform development ?

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What is a cross platform development ?

# What is application development ?

Here platform means, an OS(Operating System) of our mobile, such as IOS, Android, Microsoft etc. Each and every platform’s applications have its own development methods and processes. For example, we generally do IOS development in Swift programming + Xcode, Android development in XML + Java/Kotlin and Microsoft development in C++ programming. We also have various tools for making the whole development process easy, such as Android studio, Eclipse, Xcode.

# How cross platform development different from native development ?

  • Cross platform development means do app building code once and run on many platform. Native development can be harder to manage and it is very costly because you need to write separate code for each platform’s app.
  • In developer’s perspective, it cause a problem when you do not know multiple native development. Try to imagine this scenario, you are developing native android app. After completing this project your client demands for same app in IOS platform. Now you do not have knowledge of IOS development then it would difficult to manage it for you.
  • In client’s perspective, it cause a problem in you budget. Developer will charge separate in each platform’s apps. Try to imagine this scenario, if you are thinking of start up business with an android app. You have hire a developer for app. Now, you fill that, your business needs your app to be available on multiple platform. Now again you need to hire a developer and hire again means more charge. And charges varies with each platform.
  • Development with cross platform removes these all troubles. It can give you relief in terms of coding, budget, designing, management etc.

# How it works ?

  • It is very interesting to know that, what is the process goes on behind.
  • Its working process can be different in all cross platform development technologies. It can be differentiate in below types.

1. Mobile development as web

  • Here all development does as web development. You need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and J Query, AJAX, JSON etc.
  • Here your code runs in mobile as a some type of web page. But the experience will be different than web application.
  • These cross platform technology have a strong in built library which helps you a lot while developing.
  • All though your code is based on HTML, CSS yet, there are many other different things you will see while development.
  • There are many technologies available which works based on this. for example. IONIC, Adobe Phone Gap etc.
  • Pros :
  • Development can be easy comparing other.
  • If you have experience of web development then it would be very easy to learn for you.
  • App consumes less size.
  • Cons :
  • Poor app performance.

2. Cross platform mobile development with native code

  • With native means the code you write communicate with platform’s native development code. In simple words your code translate in native code first then it runs.
  • In every cross platform development this is a best way of developing an app. Because of translating a code in native code your app becomes native app.
  • With the use of this technologies you can develop native app for different platform.
  • It a trending now. Now majority of developers and clients are interested to make their app in these technologies.
  • It is right time to learn this technologies because it will be full on demand in near future. So it can be a good career option for you.
  • Pros :
  • You develop native code for your app.
  • App performance is great.
  • Amazing library support.
  • Cons :
  • Development is not simple as web.
  • App consumes more size than native.
  • You need some pure native development knowledge for configuration work.

# When to choose Cross platform development option ?

  • Yes cross platform development have many advantages but it can not be the best option every time. So the question is when to choose it ? So, the answer is totally depends on what is your app’s subject. App subject means on which topic you are making an app.
  • In my opinion cross platform are best option when you make app on large scale, if you use APIs and lot of back end works and your app should always have an internet connection. So, in this case cross platform are the best option.
  • In some case we have to think upon app performance. When we need to keep our app performance on top then Pure native development is best.
  • In some cases it depends on app size. The problem is when you make your app in native cross platform technologies then, app size can be a problem. It consumes 5X more than pure native app.

# When to choose Pure native development ?

  • It again depends upon your subject. If you need these things such as Good offline mode, best performance, use of internal databases, speed, security then Pure native development is for you.

# Best cross platform development technologies.

There many good technologies available in market. But in my opinion below technologies are the best in terms of development, support, performance and security.

1. React Native development

  • React native is one of the best. It is Facebook product.
  • React is library for web and mobile. React Native is sub library of React.
  • In React Native you work with component in front end development.
  • Here Ecma Script(ES6 & ES7) is used as programming language. You will find amazing library support.
  • It gives amazing work experience with APIs.
  • React Native has great programming community, so dealing with errors can be great.
  • You need to have some basic Android and IOS native development knowledge, because it can be help to understand its working and the library configuration with native code.
  • You need to have Android studio for Android and X code for IOS development.
  • React Native app’s examples :
    . Facebook
    . Instagram
    . Skype.
    . Tesla
    . Facebook ads.
    . Walmart.
    . Uber Eats.

2. Flutter development

  • Flutter in very new in cross platform development market. It is a google’s product. It is going to be used in google next OS fuchsia.
  • Flutter has good library support.
  • We use flutter widget form its front end development. and we use Dart programming for flutter development.
  • We can build great native cross platform app with flutter.
  • Flutter is very new in market so there are very shortage in developers community of flutter. So dealing with error can be little bit a tough for you.
  • You need to have Android studio for Android and X code for IOS development.
  • For flutter development Android studio is the best tool for android, it provides in built development support.
  • Flutter app’s examples :
    . Google ads
    . Alibaba
    . Reflectly (Lifestyle)
    . Hamilton Musical
    . Watermaniac 

# Conclusion

  • So cross platform development is best the option for people who want to save money, save energy and save time.
  • If you are already a developer of pure native app then its right time to learn cross platform development technologies.
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