Thursday, April 1, 2021 – 6:00pm


Virtual Presentation – ET Remote Access Enabled



The 15th Annual SIGBOVIK Conference http://sigbovik.org/2021

SIGBOVIK (Special Interest Group on Harry Questionable Bovik) is an annual multidisciplinary conference specializing in lesser-known areas of academic research such as Thaughmaturgic Circle, Sticky-Finger Manipulation, and Hashing with Deletion.

The fifteenth annual SIGBOVIK conference will take place at Carnegie Mellon University Online on Thursday, 1 April 2021 on the internet. The Special Interest Group on Harry Q. Bovik is dedicated to lesser-known research areas neglected by mainstream conferences, such as:

  • Complexity practice,
  • Software theorizing,
  • Multi-armed philanthropists,
  • Connotational semantics,
  • Computer-computer interaction,
  • Data of unusual size,
  • And many more!

Due to social distancing recommendations in the face of COVID-19, SIGBOVIK will not be held in Rashid Auditorium this year. Instead, we be relocating to the most socially distant place of all: the internet. That’s right, on April 1 at 6:00 pm EST, you will be able to enjoy SIGBOVIK 2020 from the comfort of your [insert isolated location here].

Further disinformation is available on our website. (but seriously, the deadlines here are final — that is not disinformation):

→  Stream location will be announced to the mailing list and linked on the website the day of the event.

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